Writing a resume skills

Everybody has a unique combination of skills. That is precisely what you are promoting in your resume. It’s the reason for the importance of take inventory of your aptitudes and have an unmistakable idea of what you have to offer before you start your resume. Your skills shows your potential, while advantages exhibit your real achievements.

Utilize verbs and adjectives and truly self yourself. You only have a few minutes to show how great you truly are. By using precise vocabulary and being certain can help you make the most ideal impression.

If you don’t have the skills you need to do the employment, you should explain that you are willing to do whatever is necessary to acquire them.

Resume Skills Samples by Career Field

What are your most marketable skills? If the job you are seeking is people oriented, be sure to emphasize people-oriented traits. If the employment is aimed at technical abilities, reinforce these skills in your resume. Find here some traits as qualities that employers always seek.

Account payable / receivable
  • Infinium, Intermediate, 1 years
  • Gemini, Intermediate, 1 years
  • Microsoft Office, Intermediate, 4 years
  • SAP, Intermediate, 2 years
  • Customer/Vendor service, Expert, 15 years
  • Image Silo, Intermediate, 1 years
Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative, Records, 4 years
  • Computer, Typing, 8 years
  • Communication, Problem Solving, 5 years
  • Skilled in AutoCAD 2007-2014, Communicating various design concepts to produce 2D graphics, 7 years years
  • Proficient in Autodesk Architecture 2009-2014, Producing 3D representations of design concepts to visually express the vision of the client and generate clear, working construction documents., 5 years
  • Writing, have explored this skill for , two years years
Bank Executive
  • Typing Skill, Advanced, > 5 years
  • MS Word, Advanced, > 5 years
  • MS Excel, Advanced, > 5 years
  • MS PowerPoint, Intermediate, > 5 years
Beauty and Spa Client Services
  • communication skills, experience with customer service, 3 years
  • strong work ethic, strongly work and focus at all times, 3 years
  • flexibility/adaptability, works well and accommodates to environment., 3 years
  • bilingual, fluent in english and spanish., 22 years
  • basic computer skills, know the basics on how to use the computer. Average typing skills , 11 years
Advertising, Marketing and PR
  • Advertisement, shadow, 2 months years
  • Highly skilled in supervising and interacting with children positively, I am highly experienced., 2 Years
  • Well versed in providing affection and safety to children, I am highly experienced., 2 years
  • Able to prepare hygienic meals, I am highly experienced, 2 years
  • Proven record of handling private issues properly, I am highly experienced., 2 years
  • Demonstrated ability to provide proper direction of children in their daily routine, I am highly experienced., 2 years
  • Knowledge of setting proper limits and boundaries with families, I am highly experienced., 2 years
General IT
  • Leadership, Help Desk Administrator, 4 years
  • Problem-Solving, Help Desk Administrator, 4 years
  • Communication, Help Desk Administrator, 4 years
  • Creative thinking, Help Desk Administrator, 4 years
Community Service Specialist
  • Forklift Operator, Modest, 10 years years
Brick and Cement Mason
  • Hardworking, Team player, Quick learner, Dependable, Good people person, Concrete Flatwork, 8 years
Call Center
  • Results driven, goal orientated with the capability to thrive in a fast paced environment. Proven ability to establish and maintain positive effective relationships with coworkers and clients. Highly enthusiastic person who is a self motivator and takes initiative while striving for excellence., Customer Service, 4 years
Dental Assistance
  • Dental Assistant, Assisting patient, assisting dentist, 10 years
  • Paralegal, Dealing with legal research, helping clients, filing, 5 years
Career Counselor
  • Campus Testing, Trained campus testing coordinator. Current member of testing team at Ball High. 1 years
  • Computers & Technology, No fear of computers, technology or software. 20 years
  • Project Management, Excel at managing all types of projects within budget and schedule. 10 years
  • Sales, Strong at building rapport and trust with people in person, via email, and over the phone. 10 years
Chemical Engineer
  • Knowledge to use TPM tools, TPM,SAP, 7.5 years
Public Relations and Publicity
  • Marketing Strategy & Communications, Creative Direction, PR Campaign Strategy, Copywrite, Design, 2 years
  • Media Production, Script Writing, Direction, Classical Animation, 2 years
  • Event Planning & Logistical Management, Client Relationship Communication, Technical Support Planning, 2 years
  • Brand Building, Campaign Strategy, Creative Direction, 2 years
Fitness and Recreation Manager
  • Designing activity programs, Working with Aged, Dementia and Disability, 4 years
  • Cake Decorating, Fondant and Gumpaste, 6 years
  • Customer Service, party planning, coordinator, 5 years
Alternative and Holistic Medicine
  • The confidence to work closely with others, Professional, 5 years
  • Practical skills and good manual skills, Professional, 5 years
  • Good communication and listening skills, Professional, 5 years
  • The ability to develop empathy with clients, Professional, 5 years
  • Physical stamina to carry out a number of treatments per day, Professional, 5 years
  • A smart appearance and good personal hygiene, Professional, 5 years
  • The ability to recognise when a client needs to be referred to a qualified medical doctor, Professional, 5 years
  • Commercial skills to run a business, Professional, 5 years
  • The ability to keep accurate and up-to-date client records, Professional, 5 years
Human Resources, Compensation and Benefits
  • Communication, Expert, 15 years
  • Self-Awareness, Expert, 10 years
  • Patience, Intermediate, 10 years
  • Relationship building, Expert, 15 years
  • Attentive, Expert, 15 years
  • Accurate, Expert, 15 years
  • Adaptable, Expert, 15 years
  • Resourceful, Expert, 15 years
  • Enterprising, Intermediate, 15 years
  • Dedicated, Expert, 15 years
  • Efficient, Expert, 15 years
  • Reliable, Expert, 15 years
Teaching Assistant
  • English communication skills, expert , 7 years
  • Team leadership skills, expert , 4 years
  • Computer Skills / Microsoft Word/office/power point/Microsoft excel, expert, 4 years
  • Avionics, Installation & Troubleshooting, 4 years
  • Boeing 767, Heavy Maintenance & Troubleshooting, 4 years
  • MS Excel, Expert, 12 years
  • MS Access, Project Experience, 12 years
  • MS PowerPoint, Project Experience, 10 years
  • SAS, Project Experience, 15 years
  • @Risk, Project Experience, 10 years
  • A.M. Best Statement Products, Project Experience, 10 years
  • Business Objects, Project Experience, 2 years
  • SNL Financial (www.snl.com), Project Experience, 6 years
  • Adobe LiveCycle Designer, Project Experience, 3 years
Attorney and Lawyer
  • persuasive, analytical ability, 5 years
  • Carpentry, Intermediate, 20 years
  • Auto Mechanics, Expert, 25 years
  • Electrician, Intermediate, 15 years
  • Plumbing, Intermediate, 15 years
  • Auto Body, Intermediate, 15 years
Brand Management
  • MS Office, Excel, MS Word & MS Powerpoint, 6 years
  • Analytical Skills, Brand Presence, Products, Market, 1.5 years
  • Strong understanding of multi-use concepts, Experienced, 40 yrs
  • Familiar with Alaska's environs and wildlife, Experienced, 10 yrs
  • Strong people skills, Experienced, 40 yrs
  • Strong organizational skills, Experienced, 40 yrs
  • Strong mechanical skills, Experienced, 40 yrs
  • Interpretive skills, Experienced, 5 yrs
Case Manager
  • Case Management, Patient and staff education related to discharge planning, 15 years
  • Dance, Trained in all forms of dance, 16 years
  • Vocal, Trained with Multiple Vocal Coaches in many Vocal Styles, Including Opera, Pop, Jazz, and Broadway, 14 years
  • Acting, Acting coaching from Theater Professors at Idaho State University and Highland High School, 7 years
  • I am extremely passionate about makeup therefore I am constantly in touch with the latest trends and the new products in the market.I absolutely love makeup and therefore I give my 110% whenever I am doing makeup on any one to enhance their features and make them look their best., My expertise is dolling up the eyes especially party/creative makeup., 2 years
  • Medication Reconciliation, medication review for discharged patients, 1 years
  • Medication Therapy Management, Medication review , 1 years
  • Anticoagulation Management, Warfarin dosing based on INR, 1 years
  • Neonatal and Pediatrics, Neonatal and pediatrics dosing, 1 years
Clinical Psychology
  • Psychotherapy, CBT, Hypnotherapy, Four years
  • Psychological Assessment, Personality, Intelligence, Aptitude, Two years
  • Core Somatic Integration Therapy, Body centred psychotherapy, Two years
Broker and Agent
  • Real Estate Financing, Buying and selling mortgages, 18 years years
  • Flipping commercial and residential real estate, skilled at negotiating the sale of commercial and residential real estate., 14 years part time years
  • Valuing real estate, Studied real estate appraising, 12 years years
Customer Service
  • Customer Service, Jewelry, 9 Years years
Inside Sales
  • Sales, Worked in auto sales. Also worked in timeshare sales. , 6 years
  • Nursing, Worked with people at nursing home. Worked at hospital. , 2 years
  • Customer service, Always have worked with people. , 8 years
  • Psychology, Studied and majored in psychology, 4 years
Forensic Scientist
  • Analyzing time consuming evidence found within the, Chemistry, 9 Years years
Automotive and Motor Vehicles
  • Leader,Team builder,Mechanical,Diagnose,Repair,Succeed, Mechanical/Automotive repairs and maintenance, 9 years
Social Sciences
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Proficient, 6 years
Coach, Trainer and Scout
  • Linebacker, Collegiately, 1 years
  • Linebacker/Fullback, Varsity - High School, 3 years
  • Linebacker/Fullback , Junior Varsity - High School, 1 years
  • Track and Field - Sprinter/Thrower, Varsity - High School, 4 years
Telecommunications and wireless Customer Service
  • Customer Service, Expert, 12 years
  • Master of Sales & Services techniques, Expert, 12 years
  • Dispute Resolution, Expert, 12 years
  • Store planning and Design, Expert, 12 years
  • Debt & Credit Management, Expert, 12 years
  • Banking and financial services background, Expert, 12 years
  • Inventory management background, Expert, 12 years
  • Employee training and development, Expert, 12 years
  • Project & Time Management, Expert, 12 years
  • Computer Literate :IT Skills Microsoft Office: Explorer ,SAP, ITC,: MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Win 97,2000, 2002, 2003,Windows 95,NT, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 7 & 10, GroupWise, MS Outlook ,T-agent, Internet Browsers, Expert, 12 years
Pattern Maker and Dress Maker
  • Patterning Costumes and Dresses, Proficient in patterning according to custom measurements, 5 years
  • Designing Dance Dresses and Costumes, Design from sketch to completion, 5 years
  • Seamstress and alterations, Creation from pattern to garment completion , 5 years
Bus Driver
  • Cosmetology and cosmetic, Caring for hair and skin, 9 yrs
  • Hospice and nursing, Caring for disability patients, 7 yrs
  • Map Scoping and CDL class B driver, Reading maps and using two- way radio, 1 year
Animal Care and Service
  • Proficient with Quickbooks, Invoicing and Receiving, 3 years
  • Inventory Management, use of spreadsheets to maintain sufficient stock in supply room, 3 years
  • Purchasing, Placing order with manufacturers and interacting with manufacturing representatives, 3 years
  • Customer Service Relations, Patient Account Management, 3 years