Writing a resume accomplishments

The procedure of composing a resume can be an exhilarating experience because it generates a heightened degree of pride in your accomplishments as well as an expanded consciousness of your abilities. You should draw connections between past accomplishments and how they will be relevant to the new position's success.

Be prepared to examine detaily any accomplishments recorded on your resume. Nothing says success like your past accomplishments. Prospective hiring managers constantly like to see that you have a strong history of achievements. That is the reason a professional education is so imperative.

Many candidates end up in fields that have nothing to do with what they studied in campus or college. Hiring managers nevertheless want to see that you got a degree. It demonstrates the capacity to make a commitment and follow through.

Resume Accomplishments Samples by Career Field

Account payable / receivable
  • Recognized for long hours, commitment to customers, Attention to detail, professionalism, and follow-up.
  • Met or exceeded all performance goals to date.
Administrative Assistant
  • Top sales representative while at Turner Enterprises
  • #1 in country for least amount of no sales and cancellations (8%) while at Turner Enterprises
  • Most applications done in a week while at Turner Enterprises
  • The Last Judgment (ca. 1482)
  • The Garden of Earthly Delights (ca. 1500)
  • The Haywain Triptych of (ca. 1516)
  • Visions of Hereafter (ca. 1495)
Bank Executive
  • Was the runners up at the Lucknow district football league with my club in 2013.
  • Secured second and third place in two marathon races in 2011.
  • Captained my department football team to the runners up spot in 2011.
  • Steered my club to win two Club Football Championship titles in 2009 and 2011.
  • Created a strong football team at the university, which was selected to represent our college at the tournament at IIT Kanpur in 2010.
  • Led my school football team to win the Inter Zone Football Tournament and securing a third place bronze medal in CBSE Inter school football tournament in 2007.
  • Captained my house team to 1st place in Inter House football championship in 2006.
  • Product training in: Murad and France Laure products as well as Dermologica and Clarity RX.
Business Administration
  • Improved consumer satisfaction through well organized marketing research.
  • Achieved promotion opportunities hence building brand image and increased recognition activities
  • Helped children with signs of emotional or developmental problems by teaching their parents to avoid particular behavior patrons.
  • Decided best teaching method depending on age and aptitude to achieve the best and fastest progress.
  • Received 3 star assessment for the toddler classroom three times.
  • Ameliorated language development, social aptitude and comprehension of mathematical and scientific concepts through diverse actions, such as games.
General IT
  • Conducted training sessions for 10+ staff members in KeyPass, SCCM, and many other technologies.
  • Concluded the installation of HP computer across the nation and parts of Mexico to improve the reliability of the network as a whole.
  • Created and installed security configurations for all the operating systems and enterprise solutions to make sure the IT system and data were adequately protected and safe.
  • Saved over ,000 annually in software licensing costs by implementing more efficient communication methods.
  • Completed training sessions, workshops, and courses about Certified Asset Management, Certified Software Management, Windows 7 Desk Support and HIPPA certifications
Social Worker
  • Attended Librarian Training at British Council, Yangon
  • Child right training at British Council, Yangon
  • Took part in two days Public Policy workshop at Sandhi Organization in Yangon
  • Participated in church school teacher training in Yangon
  • Peer Education and youth leadership training at Precious Stone, Yangon
  • Attended Women Leadership Training in SCM (Yangon)
  • Gender equality training in Mandalay
Brick and Cement Mason
  • Played rookie league baseball for the oakland A's as a pitcher in fresno, CA
  • Played semi-pro football for the san jose marauders
Call Center
  • Promoted manager within one year of employment with company.
Dental Assistance
  • Arizona Business Management DBA - 10 years part time at home business. Designed and wrote Arroyo Verde HOA newsletter, Health Points fibromyalgia publication, Arizona Dental Laboratory Association Executive Director, and extensive medical/dental transcription services.
Adult Literacy
  • "Patient Satisfaction Soars at Sault Area Hospital"
  • Foodservice Director Magazine July 2007
  • "Success With Prepared Foods" A Guide for Healthcare Foodservice Professionals, Dietitians of Canada (1998) Contributor
Aerospace Engineer
  • Received Outstanding Thesis Award - Electronics and Communications Engineering Department candidate for the undergraduate thesis of Video Stabilization using Kalman filters.
  • Recipient of the Boeing Scholarship at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (2008 - 2009).
  • Graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with GPA of 3.0.
  • Promoted to "Engineer" (from "Service Engineer") within 2 years of assumed position at current employer.
Public Relations and Publicity
  • Achieved successful worldwide branding of Tanya Tucker Salsa
  • Wardrobe Assistant at CMA Awards, ACM Awards, Grammy's, etc.
  • #1 Billboard Hit Singer - "You Belong To Me", 1989 -- Still in Charts
  • Coordinated Charity Benefits
  • High Energy Public Relations Specialist
  • Volunteered at the 2012 World pastry Championships in Las Vegas Nevada for two weeks, duties included everything from helping team USA prep for competition and other chefs prep for demo and from all my hard work i landed an interview with Food Network and was chosen to compete on their show Sugar Dome, episode airing on january 20th
Environmental Science
  • Established an integrated approach to environmental stewardship in all the fields of the company to reach a long-term resource sustainability: sustainable operations, interested parts engagement and supply chain sustainability. As a consequence, the company was recognized in 2010 as the ABCD Green company of the year.
  • Obtained my EFDA certificate after I had been on the job for one year.
  • Became CPR certified
  • Obtained my license to teach dental radiology and instructed 3 successful classes.
  • Volunteered approximately 70 hours of our time for the dental van and for M.O.M (Mission of Mercy)
HR Coordinator
  • Introduced the first passive Open Enrollment process in Maxicare.
  • Transitioned the sales program into full compliance.
  • Played an instrumental role in increasing customer satisfaction ratings index within first year as Customer Service Executive.
  • Ranked among the top 2 Customer Service adviser in ADCB for retail banking.
  • Detected corrosion to a brand new fuel manifold that was instructed to be installed on an F110-GE engine,due to a service bulletin; inspection of the whole series (the service bulletin concerned 80 fuel manifolds) disclosed severe corrosion, that caused the recall of the part, by vendor; contributed to flight safety and saved a lot of money and many working man hours; commended by air base commander.
Detective and Criminal Investigator
  • Basic Criminal Investigations - Coastal Plain Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Basic Interview and Interrogation - Coastal Plain Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Crime Scene Investigation - Wake Technical Community College
  • Death Investigation - Wake Technical Community College
  • Homicide/Cold Case Review - Coastal Plain Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Crime Scene Technology and Evidence Collection - Sirchie Finger Print Laboratories
  • Criminal Intelligence Analysis Techniques - Wake Technical Community College
  • Introduction to Cyber Crime - Wake Technical Community College
  • Search Warrant Preparation - Coastal Plain Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Basic Special Weapons & Tactics Training - Vance-Granville Community College
  • High Risk Entries and Warrants - Wake Technical Community College
  • Tactical Ballistic Shield - Wake Technical Community College
  • Basic Submachine Gun Operator - Coastal Plain Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Police Law Institute - Coastal Plain Law Enforcement Training Center
  • NARK II Progressive System of Drug Identification - Sirchie Finger Print Laboratories
  • Emergency Response to Terrorism - National Fire Academy
  • Night Vision Familiarization Class - ITT Industries
  • Domestic Violence Response Training - NC Governor's Crime Commission
  • Detection, Recovery and Examination of Footwear Impression Evidence - Eastern Regional LE Training Center
Attorney and Lawyer
  • Was the captain of lacrosse team
  • MVP of high School lacrosse team
  • Won wrestling conference championship
  • First year wrestling record of 11-0
  • Won Most Improved Player for saxophone
  • Recruited to Division 1 School for lacrosse
  • Won the National Face Off Combine for lacrosse
Account Management
  • CSR of the Quarter 2011 & 2012 Recognized for playing a major role for “SODEXO” maintaining account that resulted revenue for Q2 went from K to K.
Assembler and Fabricator
  • Outreached rate limits daily.
  • Coordinated production area to assure fast and simple access to machines, materials and tools, improving production and eliminating inactivity periods.
  • Operated different assembly machines.
  • Trained personnel and ensured personal productivity, improving time delivery of products.
Marketing, Advertising and PR Management
  • President's Honor Roll (Fall/Spring 2006)
  • Vice-President's Honor Roll( Spring 2007)
  • Army Commendation Medal
  • Army Achievement Medal
  • Army Good Conduct Medal
  • Secret Security Clearance, U.S. Government
Nursing Case Manager
  • Managed a team of ten nurses, assigning tasks, and supervising performance.
  • Arranged incoming nurses training and offered my expertise to all the staff for complicated concerns.
  • Reduced patient's waiting time to receive treatment improving procedures as patient care coordinator. Patients' complaints decreased by 50%.
  • Dealt with an important volume of work with strict deadline objectives.
  • Became the trainer of new and current employees.
  • Supervised and ameliorated drug-inventory management system eliminating back orders, and lessening waste.
  • Developed and maintained a good network of physicians obtaining more than 100 new patient applications every month.
  • Reduced waste by 50% negotiating fees with suppliers.
Psychology Counseling
  • Presenter at the Northwest Regional Human Services Conference.
  • Developed and Implemented Treatment Model to serve adolescents at the Skagit Youth Detox and Stabilization Center.
  • Performed risk matrix 100% quality of work without errors. Selected to participate in a risk assessment and control evaluation for the U. S. Continental Branch Operations to help identify gaps in processes where exposed to risk. Named Division Hotline to answer system questions for other employees in addition to regular responsibilities. Commended by management for demonstrating professionalism, knowledge and overall courtesy when shopped by survey caller.
Retail Customer Service
  • Runner Up to Employee of the Month in 2011.
  • In 2012, was asked to participate in Employee of the Month Committee to assess teammates and determined certain attributes to select as Employee of the Month.
  • Developed and maintained excellent customer relationships and offered exceptional customer service increasing customer's' satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Initiated a research project to identify genetic signatures of human plasma exosomes upon exposure to high dose ionizing radiation, leading to a grant submission in an NIH funded program.
  • Completed independent projects for the development of SIV and FIV vaccines, resulting in publications in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Developed and optimized immunological assays for the detection of cellular responses in various animal models.
  • Presented scientific findings at conferences, and received a travel award to the Department of Energy's Low Dose Investigator's Workshop.
  • Automotive and Motor Vehicles.
  • Led and supported employees to maximize productivity, while forming positive and fruitful team environment.
  • Supervised 2 mechanics and 2 apprentices in problem solving, analyzing and fixing a vast range of models.
  • Met clients to inform about estimations and to describe repairs.
  • Provided quickly and accurate analysis of mechanical failures prescribing proper reparative actions.
  • Supervised daily schedule and operations to improve performance quality and client service.
  • Opened a repair shop based on high-quality performance, providing positive support and motivation to the mechanic team.
Social Sciences
  • Formed and affiliated three Special NHGs of HIV/AIDS infected or affected at Kollam Corporation.
  • Formed and affiliated two Special NHGs of Women under Social Justice board at Kollam Corporation.
Athlete and Sport Competitor
  • Selected All County Lacrosse Player (2005 & 2006)
  • Invited to Top All Star Recruitment Camp (2006)
  • Indoor Winter High School Lacrosse League (2004 - 2006)
  • Indoor Winter Box League (2005 - 2006)
  • Summer Pick Up League (2005 - 2006)
Telecommunications and wireless Customer Service
  • Developed highly empathetic client relationships and earned reputation for exceeding sales goals.
  • Managed front and end operations. (Maximized bottom-line performance through merchandising, staff management, loss control and inventory management initiatives).
  • Introduced new marketing and promotional ideas and increased turnover.
  • Managed a high-volume workload within a deadline-driven environment. . (Consistently met performance benchmarks in all areas (speed, accuracy, volume).
  • Became the lead “go-to” person for new reps and particularly challenging complex issues as one of the company’s primary trainers of new and established employees.
  • Awarded with Employee of the Month and earned “Name in Lights several occasions for commitment to going beyond the call of duty on a regular basis.
  • Helped Front shop Branch attain the highest customer service ratings (as determined by external auditors) -- earned Top Branch several occasions in the Western Cape in all categories including sales ,communication skills, listening skills, problem resolution and politeness.
  • Designed and suggested new display ideas to improve accessibility to merchandise, which increased sales.
  • Increased sales 150% for promoting products through different events and activities such as advertising campaigns.
Transportation and Distribution Customer Service
  • I have enrolled and graduated Dale Carnegie's public speaking and self improvement classes. I gained valuable knowledge from both classes and I have used in my everyday job associated with the public and my fellow employees.