Well-written resume samples by Career

Job recruiters only spend a few minutes looking over resumes submitted for an open position. They look for resumes that are assertively worded and geared toward both the job and the industry. Check these resume samples to showcase your job experiences and talents by knowing what phrases and keywords for resume writing are best to use as well as avoid today.

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Accounting Resume

Accounting jobs vary significantly, but accountants all are primarily tasked with recording and examining financial activities. Accountants frequently work on making companies more financially efficient in addition to handling taxes. In many cases, accountants are self-employed as consultants or as service providers to individuals.


Architecture Resume

Architects design new commercial and residential buildings as well as planning the modification of existing structures. While architecture professionals often work together at firms, some are self-employed as consultants. Even after construction begins, architects may play an active role in seeing a project to completion.


Business Resume

For business positions at all levels, you should emphasize your communication skills. Detail your degree of expertise in areas relevant to the position, such as bookkeeping qualifications, supervisory abilities, presenting skills and report writing. As you list your past business successes, highlight how you helped maximize revenue in numerical terms that hiring managers can appreciate.


Construction Resume

Construction professionals work in an array of specialties, including carpentry, plumbing and heavy equipment, to erect buildings, build roads and complete other large-scale projects. However, some work exclusively in supervisory positions as contractors or foremen. The importance of efficiency and potential hazards in construction work requires a strong understanding of best practices.

Customer Service

Customer Service Resume

Serving customers requires great communication skills, which should be described as well as expressed in resumes for these positions. Listing your prior customer service experience, if any, will help assure hiring managers that you are competent. Detail how you have increased sales and fostered customer loyalty for employers.


Design Resume

Design professions include those who work in 2-D as well as 3-D environments. Whether designers work with graphics or products, they seek to maximize usability while they beautify. Today, designers use cutting-edge computer software to create product packaging, publication layouts, website interfaces and more.


Education Resume

Employed in schools ranging from preschool to postgraduate, education professionals bring their knowledge to the table along with their ability to help students understand material. At all levels, educators require skills at developing and carrying out plans. Both licensing and continuing education may be necessary depending on the position.


Engineering Resume

Engineers use their highly refined analytical skills to design and test solutions to mechanical, electrical, environmental and other problems. In addition to attaining an engineering degree, these professionals must be licensed to practice and are responsible for staying current on the latest technology and methods in their field.


Finance Resume

Finance professionals work in an array of corporate, public and personal positions. Risk management and efficiency improvement commonly feature in corporate and public finance while estate planning and investment management are often encountered by personal finance professionals. Many finance workers function essentially as treasury specialists.


Hospitality Resume

Hospitality workers can be found in many settings, including hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and convention centers. Job duties vary, but communication savvy is essential to success in making customers feel at home. Although some hospitality professionals are managers, others specialize in areas including serving and transport.

Human Resources

Human Resources Resume

Human resources professionals are critical to the productivity of the companies that employ them. In addition to screening new hires, HR workers often develop workplace policies, handle employee disputes and monitor performance to maximize output. A strong legal understanding of hiring procedures is vital to success in this field.


Legal Resume

Legal professionals work in a variety of positions, including as attorneys and legal secretaries. Many specialties exist, including criminal law and civil law, and many legal professionals work as teams to ensure that companies stay within legal boundaries. In addition to formal education, many legal positions require licensing, such as passage of the state bar exam.


Maintenance Resume

Maintenance professionals are employed in many settings, including industrial, commercial and residential buildings, where they may work on HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems and more. Many maintenance positions are on call, so workers must be prepared to work around the clock as necessary. The presence of manual labor in these positions can make varying degrees of physical strength essential.


Management Resume

Teams of employees are bound to be more effective with a coordinated approach, and managers are vital to this process. Managers keep employees aligned toward objectives while handling schedules, discipline and performance evaluations along the way. Depending on the setting, managers may also work alongside their employees.


Marketing Resume

Marketing professionals investigate, plan and carry out campaigns for maximizing sales of goods and services. Along the way, marketers may have several responsibilities, including developing client contracts, balancing budgets and coordinating teams of sales people. Continual creation and meeting of deadlines demands true enthusiasm for this profession.


Military Resume

Military professions include a wide range of positions in combat and non-combat roles. Careers in the military can be found in several branches, and many require domestic or international relocation to potentially remote bases. While extensive training is commonly offered in the military, civilian skills are often highly valued in these careers.


Nursing Resume

People in nursing professions require accredited training and licenses, so you should feature these prominently in your resume. State your objective clearly, including the type of facility you want to work in, as this profession offers diverse opportunities. Detail your experiences, affiliations and interests regarding work hours.

Real Estate

Real Estate Resume

Sales is a major component of real estate and should feature strongly in resumes accordingly. In descriptions of your accomplishments as an agent, tell how you navigated sales in terms of financial benefit. List your real estate license information and mention your specialty to illustrate the value that you bring.


Retail Resume

Retail positions include sales clerks, shift supervisors and managers. While responsibilities differ, these jobs all call for core abilities in customer service and transaction handling. An enjoyment of working with the public is valuable for success in retail environments and will help boost sales for the employer.


Sales Resume

Salespeople find leads and follow through to the closing in order to put the goods and services of their employers in the hands of their customers. While communication skills are essential, salespeople also need technical proficiency as software is increasingly used to measure markets. Pressure to perform well can make this profession exciting to the right candidates.


Security Resume

Security professionals work in a wide variety of public and private settings to maintain order and ensure safety. In many cases, security officers work when businesses are closed to prevent theft or vandalism. Agencies often employ security officers and dispatch them to client properties according to contract.