Resume Verbs

What is the one thing hiring managers want to see when they sift through piles of resumes? They want to see action. It is so important to use action verbs when creating a resume if you want to paint a portrait of a capable, competent and motivated employee. This can be accomplished by using targeted resume verbs. These precise and effective words cut right to the point when it comes to demonstrating what you were able to do in your previous employment positions. Take some time to learn about the most powerful action words to put on your resume.

Leadership Skills

There are some key resume verbs to use if you’re trying to convey the fact that you are experienced with leading projects and bringing ideas to fruition. Whether you directly led a department or you assisted on major projects, it’s important to show hiring managers that you can take charge when it matters. The top leadership verbs you need to include on your resume are:

Administered Approved Supervised Chaired Developed Coordinated Organized Appointed Delegated Assigned Enforced Established Managed Executed Improved Decided Instituted Led Headed Oversaw Presided Planned Authorized Scheduled

Organizational Skills

Being organized is a quality that hiring managers are looking for in new hires. In today’s fast-paced, data-driven world, staying organized plays a key role in helping an organization stay efficient and competitive. There are some important verbs to include on your resume if you want to highlight your organization skills. Be sure to use some of the following action words:

Organized Arranged Logged Recorded Screened Monitored Categorized Standardized Charted Systematized Distributed Collected Maintained Processed Scheduled Validated

Research Skills

Being able to conduct research and provide results is such an important part of every job role today. Hiring managers are looking for applicants that can demonstrate an ability to seek out data and produce comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports. If you’re capable of researching topics, be sure to include some of the following words on your resume:

Analyzed Extracted Determined Collected Located Gathered Researched Examined Compared Formulated Measured Extracted Searched Surveyed

Technical Skills

The last thing hiring managers want to do when reviewing resumes is wade through sentences that are full of fluff. It is important that you properly convey your technical skills on your resume if you want to be invited to take part in an interview. Are you ready to show off your technical expertise? Here are some words that need to appear on your resume:

Assembled Built Engineered Developed Computed Adapted Debugged Constructed Designed Fabricated Applied Installed Maintained Operated Programmed Specialized Solved Upgraded

Teaching Skills

Many professional roles require job applicants to have teaching skills. Whether you’ve held a formal role as an instructor or you’ve coached on the job, there are some important words that can convey your teaching skills. Some effective words to use include:

Advised Coached Guided Instructed Taught Tested Facilitated Tutored Critiqued Evaluated